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12 February 2020Artemesia Gentileschi
08 January 2020Ai WeiWei: Everything is art. Everything is politics
11 December 2019Art Inspired by Wine
13 November 2019A Portrait of Jewels
09 October 2019Raphael: a Master in the Making
11 September 2019The Magic of Prague - Czech Art and Culture
12 June 2019Zaha Hadid
08 May 2019A Short History of Art Crime
10 April 2019The Art of Van Gogh
13 March 2019Caravaggio : Murderer or Genius?
13 February 2019When Britain Clicked - Fab photos from the Swinging Sixties
09 January 2019Mad men and the Artists
12 December 2018Giotto, the Legend and the Reality
14 November 2018Here lies Our Sovereign Lord, the King
10 October 2018Art and the Suffragettes
12 September 2018Artists & Espionage: the Lawn Road Flats NW3
13 June 2018Played in London - the heritage of a city at play
09 May 2018A Golden Age: Medieval Gold & Goldsmiths
11 April 2018The Jewel in the Crown - the Sainte Chapelle
14 March 2018The Amadeus Myth - Mozart (1756-91) and his world
14 February 2018Tamara de Lempika - Mistress of Art Deco
10 January 2018Emerging from the shadows - the self portraits of Goya
13 December 2017The History of Pantomime - a very British Feast
08 November 2017The Borgias - the most infamous family in history?
11 October 2017The Dollar Princesses
13 September 2017Murder & Modernism: Walter Sickert and the Camden Town Group
14 June 2017Three Great Families and their Gardens: a history of the Astors, the Rothschilds and the Sackville Wests
10 May 2017Dale Chihuly – the world’s foremost glass artist
12 April 2017Riviera Paradise – a fusion of art, design and pleasure on the Côte d’Azur in the 1920s and 30s
08 March 2017Lawrence of Arabia – excavating a legend
08 February 2017Building with Light and Space, Rick Mather's Millennium Museum by Andrew Hopkins
11 January 2017Pearls and Pomegranates, Peacocks and Pipes: The hidden language of Renaissance art
14 December 2016 The Fascinating World of Playing Cards
09 November 2016 The Shakers of North America
12 October 2016Eric Ravilious and the Lure of the Everyday
14 September 2016Pots and Frocks. The World of Grayson Perry GEDFAS 35th Anniversary Celebration
08 June 2016London's Changing Skyline: Past, Present and Future.
11 May 2016A Highland Thing! 18-20th century Scottish art
13 April 2016Adventures in 3 Dimensions: 20th Century British Sculpture
09 March 2016Paintbrushes at Dawn! Great Art World Feuds.
10 February 2016Tales of a Mysterious Land- Landscapes, Legends And Archaeology of Ethiopia
13 January 2016Banks, Burgundy and Piracy: Fifteenth Century Artists of Bruges
09 December 2015Diaghilev and the Ballet Russes
11 November 2015Are You Sitting Comfortably? The History of the Chair.
14 October 2015Art and the Napoleonic Wars
09 September 2015Embroidered with Woodbine and Eglantine: Elizabethan Textiles and Furnishings
10 June 2015Durer: The Italian & Northern Renaissance-The relationship between Italian art, Durer and the Northern artists
13 May 2015Power, Propaganda, and Men in Tights: English Art Under the Tudors
08 April 2015The Arts of the Sikh Empire and Punjab
11 March 2015The Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao and the Architecture of Frank Gehry
11 February 2015At the Sign of the Falcon: The Life and works of Harry Murphy Goldsmith, Silversmith and Unique Englishman
14 January 2015Contemporary Art and the Old Masters: Lessons Learned and Rejected.
10 December 2014I am the Very Model: Parodies of Victorian Society in Gilbert & Sullivan
12 November 2014Art and the Great War
08 October 2014James Whistler – The Gentle Art of Making Enemies
10 September 2014Pop Goes the Artist-from Warhol to Dylan.
11 June 2014Roland Penrose, Lee Miller and Life at Farley Farm House
14 May 2014The Benin Bronzes
09 April 2014Thomas Heatherwick
12 March 2014Literary Venice - A British Affair

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Artemesia Gentileschi Chantal Brotherton-Ratcliff Wednesday 12 February 2020

Artemesia Gentileshi (1593 -1656), the 17th Century Italian Barogue artist, is now considered  to be one of the most accomplished painters in the generation following that of Caravaggio.

In an era when female painters were not easily accepted find out how she became the first woman member of the Accademia di Arte del Disegno in Florence.